Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dreaming again

I've got a poem due in a few hours that I haven't started writing yet.  So naturally, I'm Pinterest-ing.  Duh.

I've been thinking about weddings a lot lately.  We loved our simple, intimate one, but I'd still really like to celebrate with family and friends.  You know, find a barn in the middle of nowhere, and trim it in white string lights and antlers.  Then, get some mismatched chairs or hay bales and a dj...serve pb&j and some booze.  I'd wear my $30 dress again and cowboy boots and have bridesmaids this time.  It sounds perfect and less stressful than many celebrations I've been to.

I've already go invitations picked out to imitate.

Best Wedding Invitations EVER

Everyone could read this on a chalkboard (or something) upon entering.

From a photographer's website:

“First, a word.

This is a celebration.  This is not a sit on your hands, wait for it to be over, wondering what the readings mean wedding.  This is a stand up and cheer wedding.  This is a clap your hand joyous wedding.  This is a day that you are a part of because you are awesome people and this is an awesome couple.  and we’re to hoot and holler about that.  So please feel free to be as joyful and raucous as you’d like.  in fact, it is encouraged.

That being said, a thank you is in order.  Thank you for being here.  Thank you for the miles you have traveled and for making the choice to come today to celebrate.  To support.

To love.

Your presence here is not taken lightly.  You were invited to bear witness to this day because you are an integral part of this story.  You are family, you are friends.  You were there in those first months.  You saw the glimmer.  The spark in their eyes as they spoke of the other.  “this is the one” they said.  And over a glass of wine.  Or on a cross country phone call.   Or an email from a world away.  You said “yes. And I couldn’t be happier for you.””

And then we'd start the party.

Heck yes.

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Bold shirts. Confident boys.
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Wedding photo display

chalkboard mason jar glasses
It'd be fun to stencil chalkboard paint like this (instead of the stickers they used) then people could just label their glasses.

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  1. Aww, all really cute ideas! You should post your poem. I wanna read it!