Thursday, September 20, 2012

First "My Glam Bag"

When a package this pretty comes in the mail, how do you not smile?

1 Circus Nail Polish in TIGHTROPE
I haven't given this a go yet, but I am excited to.

2 Carol's Daughter split end sealer (Made in USA!)
I've only used it once, but I'm excited to see if the "93.3%fewer split ends" proves to be true.  My guess is that it won't, but it does have a nice coconut scent.

3 jane Sparkle Gloss in Sparkle Pink
I typically don't wear bright shades, especially on my lips, but the stickiness of it is the #1 reason I probably won't wear this shade that's identical to my Grandma Alice's lipstick.

4 SOHO Smudge Brush
How can you screw up a smudge brush?  I'm sure this is just dandy.

5 Mirabella Eyeshadow in Semiformal
I couldn't be happier with the shade.  Because my eyes are somewhere between green and hazel, I try to stick with neutral-colored eyeshadows like this one.

6 This month's bag is nothing exciting color-wise, but it is a nicely sized black and gold pouch.

I am a sucker for grab bags.  Because My Glam Bag happens to be the cheapest option I've found, (at only $10 per month) I will probably continue to get it.  And I'll definitely be blogging about it, now that I have nothing in my life but school.

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