Wednesday, February 20, 2013

January/February 2013 Favorites

Basically, I like looking at what other people have/buy.  I also don't like wasting my money of stuff that isn't amazing.  I've decided to do six posts this year that mainly focus on products I've tried.  I've been watching way too many YouTube haul videos by makeup gurus lately.  Anyway, I'll sort of review products and things I've purchased. 

The photo quality will improve as I have the chance to use natural light.
I love big purses.  Sometimes, though, I like to avoid the hassle of lugging a big purse around.  There was a pretty great flash sale at the beginning of January.  I love this color (I think they meant for it to be Persimmon, but it said Permission.).  Anyway, it's great in winter, but I'm looking forward to using it in Spring and Summer, too.

I love sweet scents.  I love sugar.  Obviously I needed these.  They smell amazing and they look pretty, too.  They were only $4 apiece at Target.

Promesse by Cacharel
I smelled a sample of this in magazine like six years ago and bought this on a whim.  I've been switching my perfumes up once per week, in order to remind myself of all the stuff I have already.

Yes To Tomatoes Acne Spot Stick
  I LOVE THIS.  I never would have purchased this, despite the fact that I love all of the Yes To Carrots products I have, had it not been on clearance.  I went to a local Walgreens and saw that it was half price, so I grabbed it.  I was surprised how quickly it worked.  I might even pay the full $10 for another one now.
Yes To Cucumbers
This was recommended by a YouTube guru as "the best makeup wipes ever."  I hardly wear makeup but I've been wanting to try these since summertime.  I hate leaving work knowing my face is harboring sweat and grease.  If I had a sink at my disposal every moment, it wouldn't be an issue.  Anyway, these work well, but the scent leaves something to be desired.  I'll try the new Yes To Grapefruit ones when I run out of these.

I first tried the Root Beer Float flavor and liked it a lot.  The flavor goes quickly, but it's still cheaper than buying a real root beer float and it saves me some calories to burn, too!  The Lemon Square flavor is amazing.  I didn't plan on becoming obsessed with these, but now there's a Mint Chocolate Chip one.  I'll obviously be all over that.

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