Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Recover of chair cushions

I've had this chair for about five years.  Before that, my cousin had it for about three.  And before that, my aunt had it.  I love hand-me-downs.  I love things with stories.  I don't particularly care to remember stories involving animal hair, drunken sickness or chocolatey hands of children.  By recovering the cushions, I've been able to keep my beloved hand-me-down chair and use it as more than a substitute for a dog bed.

Wall decor color change

The lighting in the following pictures is less than desirable; please trust that these pieces look way better than they did before.


  1. That new chevron print on the chair cushions looks SO good! It makes the whole chair feel way fresher, and I really like the contrast of the sharp modern chevron against the cozy, older wood arms. Nice!