Sunday, August 7, 2011

One of the best days ever - 8/6/11

I think that while we're children, we connect things in a much different process than we do as adults.  For this reason, certain things stick out in our minds more than, perhaps more deserving, others.  For instance, I'm sure that my dad listened to an assortment of music, and therefore bands, when I was a kid; the radio was always on.  But aside from the radio (usually oldies, but always rock) I remember hearing ZZ Top.  Winter, summer, it didn't matter.  When I was about twelve, he bought every album on CD.  I memorized almost all of the songs without even knowing I had them memorized until he died.  I made my discovery when I listened with my eyes closed, pretending he was the one who hit Play.  To this day, if I'm having a hard time or missing my dad extra, I pop in a ZZ Top CD and things get better.  So, now to the point...

I saw ZZ Top live.  Last night.  I was literally 100 feet away from them.  

I also decided last night that I will see this band every single time it's an option for me, until either they don't perform anymore, or they're dead.  That was the best show I've ever been to, hands down.  And I didn't drink so that I could remember everything, exactly as it was.  So worth it.

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