Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Jonesing

Coolest giveaway ever by Kaelah Bee!  Lomography Fisheye "I love U" camera!  Totally jonesing...

I hardly got through the first chapter of Bound South without being distracted by a brilliant idea.  I'm already up to my elbows in yardwork but I need a rock garden.  I found a bunch of ideas on this website and I feel like it'd be easier to manage than our vegetable garden which is hosting a lovely little celebration of weeds right now.  I mean, they're rocks.  They crush unwanted plants.  I just want to paint a bunch and lay them out so that I can pretend I have time to meditate in a colorful place with my eyes closed.  I'm kidding myself, I have no time to paint rocks.  But I do need to find time to hit up the field across the road and sneak some rocks home to arrange in such a fashion that stops tension in its tracks.  Heck, maybe I'll get one of those speaker rocks so I can blast relaxing nature sounds...Oh, and I need some more solar-powered globe lights (like these).  I'll get some low-maintenance perennials from my mom's next week...Here's what I'm thinking:

Sedum aizoon in garden
Seedum - Stonecrop
Hen & Chicks

Eep!  I need these little guys, too!
Design Toscano The Knothole Window Gnome Garden Welcome Tree Sculpture

need this nail polish, too.  

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