Sunday, December 4, 2011

Check it out, Sauerkraut

Just thought I'd blog some random things that made me happy today.

First, has really made me think.  I don't know why they weren't doing this all along, instead of those ridiculous over-the-top bridal shows.  It's such an awesome idea, especially for people who want a feel for what their big day will really be like - it's the perfect way to avoid the stuffy feeling, I think.

Work went really well today so I took a trip to Target afterward.  I love Christmas and everything associated.  Cheesy/kid Christmas movies are my cup of tea, so I couldn't resist (not that I tried to).
 I'm SO excited for these Plaid About You nail strips!  Apparently they're a limited holiday edition, so I'll be stocking up.  No pun intended.


  1. Those nails are rad!!! And kid Christmas movies with a cup of tea sounds perfect!

  2. Idk what the movie underneath Ice Age is, but it looks adorable and I hope it's about two attractive people who fall in love with each other in an idyllic small town during a particularly snowy winter. If it is, I'm hopping the next bus to your house.