Monday, December 19, 2011

The Good News

My UGGs have finally arrived!  I've been waiting for about two weeks and my black Classic Talls are finally here.  :-D

They're gorgeous and perfect...*sigh*

And now the family is complete...for a few months.

On another lovely note, my homemade Christmas coasters for the in-laws are done.  I'm pretty excited, but I learned a lot and will do quite a bit differently the next time around.
They started out pretty rough-looking.

I used this set of instructions (of course I found the link on ediTORIal) and the results are below. :)

Ready to go!

The only other homemade gifts I really succeeded in making this year (aside from the delicious peanut clusters) were variations of this:

which I found on tumblr.  Here they are:

I employed my Cricut for the one on the right and I just used ink and rubber stamps for the one on the left.  I like the effect of background so I used green tissue paper and purple striped scrapbook paper.

OOOh and you can enter to win a pair of Blowfish shoes here, on The Dainty Squid(Kaylah)'s blog!


  1. I LOVE the maps! Also, I think you have a problem. It starts with a "U" and ends with "ggs." Just sayin'.

  2. lol this is why i need you. i had no idea. :) plus, i'm suuuper happy you like the maps! i thought they were maybe a bit cliche but it's probably because i copied them and heard the song a billion times