Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh, delightful Thursday

A few of my favorite pins:
Hiiiiiiiilarious!  Wish we'd thought of this.  Just another reason to renew our vows. :)
so very true
 :)  For real.
Sarah Kate Creations Blog about Craftcation, full of helpful tips!
You must know how I love anything involving profanity.
This is awesome.  I'd make it into a family tree by adding my favorite photos of everyone in birth order.  I think it'd be really great in a nursery or even a "big" kid's room.
Baby Pig Booties
I love love love pigs.  I used to be obsessed, so I guess I've improved.  Honestly though, how does this not melt the hearts of everyone who sees it?  
Old Salvaged Windows Get New Life
I am SO doing this.
easily cut a glass bottle in half
I have no use in mind for the bottom halves of glass bottles.  However, now that I know how to "cut" them, I'm going to.  I'll figure out the rest later; even if they just become candle holders.

 I love how comfortable this look seems.  I'll be wearing my own version of it soon (if the weather cooperates).

My definition of "few" is probably different from everyone else's.  Oh well.  :)
I'll be in class for the majority of the afternoon and evening.  I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.  I just have to get through a test in which I'll draw a map of America from the 18th century, then I'm off to Berlin.  I'm really excited to visit my grandparents; especially because I enjoy taking photos of them and I have a new cammmmera!  :-D  And I'll be seeing my cousin and her baby; the memory cards will be bursting. 

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  1. You can make the bottom halves of bottles into awesome drinking glasses! I have a bunch stashed away specifically for that project. I never seem to get around to it...