Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thoughts on books I've read recently #4

Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography (New Edition)  (Norton Critical Editions)  
I didn't realize that I had no idea who he really was until I read this book.  I didn't choose it, of course, I read it for my history class.  But you really think you know a person, and then...everything shatters.  While he was obsessed with morality and quite kind in not patenting any of his useful inventions, he was kind of a shitty husband.  He was gone for years at a time (his wife died while he was still out of the country) and was a total perv, even into his seventies.  While the actual writing could use some sprucing up, it's worth taking a look at.  It kind of makes me wish I had time to read about some other men our country holds on pedestals.

Now that the sun is shining and it's warmer outside, my ambition has returned.  I have spring break from school next week and I plan to get ahead on this blog.  Some things you can look forward to seeing include Remy, outfit posts...perhaps an outfit post of Remy, a little book review on Night Road by Kristin Hannah, and some new crafty stuff I've been working on.  Pinterest is my favorite way to avoid legitimate To Do lists.

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