Friday, June 29, 2012

Forcing my homemade crafts on people

Summertime presents itself with birthdays and quite frankly, a bunch of crap I can't afford to buy for.  Somehow, I convince myself that it's better to spend money on craft supplies; they go farther.  So, I've been making flower hair clips and I don't care who doesn't want them.  I now have a stockpile and everyone I know is getting them.  

My supplies:
fake flowers from Dollar Tree
different sized gems & alligator clips from Hobby Lobby

 The first step is pulling apart the flowers and tossing those ugly excuses for stamens.  
The next is hot gluing each individual layer to make the flower look fuller.

 The next two steps are interchangeable: hot glue the clips and the gems. 

Since then I've made orange ones, white ones with gems of color, and other combinations that people probably aren't going to be that psyched about for years to come.  :)


  1. I hope I count as someone you know because I WANT ONE. Also, you make me lol.