Sunday, July 1, 2012

I cannot wait!

I can't wait to be a quarter of the human cargo on a journey to Oregon, come July 10th.  I've got big plans to wear a floppy sunhat, large sunglasses and maxi dresses.  I imagine I'll be comfortable (in reality, more fabric probably means more sweat, but that balloon can pop later) with the wind in my hair, soaking up the bonds of sisterhood, taking in the mountains.  I really need a vacation, see? :)

I've been blogging outfits that I have been apprehensive to wear into public.  In an area like the one I live in, people are more likely to notice or judge (which is my personal issue) an outfit that's...not ordinary.  I imagine people to be thinking (because I'm guilty of it) "either she has a lot of money or she belongs in an institution."  That kind of reaction deters me from wearing things I want to.  So this trip is also about getting a feel for my own style (second to bonding with 3 really awesome girls).  I hope to gain some confidence in my style so that I can walk around on regular, non-heart-stopping road trip days and be comfortable.  :)

XOXO Can't wait for this adventure.

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  1. We are going to be super foxy. We'll just tell all the people that we encounter that we are really famous in Sweden, and they'll accept whatever we're wearing as cool. Start working on your Swedish accent.