Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Outfits of 2012, Week 31 - Prizzy Vizzy

I've really fallen behind in my outfit posts.  I feel like my hilarious title for this makes up for everything, though.

Woodgrain chomo glasses - Ragstock $4.99
Feather dress - Portland Saturday Market $30
Braided Belt - Thrifted $2
I used my Corioliss wand again today.  For the second time since I bought it.  It's just easier to use a curling iron because I don't usually pay attention closely (which results in burns from the wand).  Also, I'm pretty proud of the little glare on my lenses in these photos.  Puts the real mystery into the chomo persona.  I'm totally kidding, but these glasses are my newest obsession.


  1. Lol you like the glare and I will for sure get anti glare lenses in my next pair of glasses!

  2. Ahhh! Kayla I am so jealous that I didn't buy that dress too! GAH. I love the new glasses! Too bad you didn't have them in Portland!!

  3. Yeah, we should go back. I could fit in better with the awesome hipsters now.