Saturday, May 4, 2013

March/April Favorites

This is amazing.  I couldn't find it in our local grocery stores, but Walmart had it in stock. Thank God.

The scent is a bit overpowering, but these work really well for getting oil and makeup off of skin.  My May/June Favorites post will have a comparison of these to the yestograpefruit wipes.

I finished two of these in the time of two months.  I'm unsure of any unhealthy aspects this product may have, but it's too late for that, anyway.
These Yes To Blueberries wipes are by far my favorite wipes.  The scent is lovely.    They are as absorbent of oil and dirt as the rest of them, but I love the scent.  Also, I'm partial to the packaging.
These pretty much made all of my dreams come true.  Especially since Shopko had them on sale for less than a dollar.  Love love love desserts.  :)
I haven't used enough of these to say whether they work (concerning the "Clear Skin" claims).  I know that the blueberry scent is more wonderful, but these aren't anything to whine about.

I have a bag of trail mix in my backpack at all times.  Since my blood sugar drops quickly, it's necessary to have something like this around.  The dried fruit is my favorite.  Despite the fact that the nuts get pretty soft because of being in with the fruit, I enjoy this tropical mix the most.


  1. Mint ice cream is THE BEST!! Also, those blueberry wipes look pretty awesome. I keep regular old wet-wipes in my purse, but blueberry scent instead of rubbing-alcohol scent would be a nice change.

  2. I don't know where I can find the little 10 packs of the blueberry wipes anymore. I've been checking all over; I don't know if they were just meant to be samplers instead of purse packs, but all I can find are the bulky 25-30 wipe packs. And we are in total agreement about the mint ice cream business. :) We should get together and have some soon!