Saturday, July 9, 2011


Great news!  I'm getting a new MacBook Pro as soon as Lion is released!  EEEEEKKK!  :-D  I'm just a little bit excited...I've been waiting a few months already and I was kind of hoping that since it'll be released in July, that it'd be like... the 1st of the month.  I'm getting very impatient.  Oh, and besides the Apple Education discount, I'm also getting a $100 gift card.  My iTunes library is going to be so happy. :-)

Oh, and I need this dress.  More than oxygen.



  1. You have a problem, woman. But I like to encourage it because I like all your shiny toys. Wanna have a shopping day in Milwaukee soon?

  2. Lol i really do but the laptop is essentially free as far as my bank account knows :) oh, and my credit cards. :-) hooray for learning! haha i really REALLY do want to have a shopping day in MKE soon!