Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It goes way back, women gather.

(This is old news now, but I was waiting to post it until I had time to organize/take pictures.)

I'd like to say that I collect things.  I could copy The Dainty Squid's idea and do a bunch of posts on things I've accumulated and it would be interesting.  The problem is word choice, I do not collect - I hoard.  I was on a clothing shopping spree for about three months last year and I have three jam packed (color-coordinated) closets to show for it.  And when I say clothing, I also mean make up and nail polish and shoes...Speaking of clothes, this is the new dress I got from Delia's a couple of weeks ago.

Anyways, I am going to post a few pictures of things that are really important to me.  The first is a ring my grandpa made while he was serving in the South Pacific during WWII.  I'm still trying to figure out how, but he made it from a quarter.  I thought it was the coolest thing ever when my grandma showed my mom and I (I'm sure my mom had seen it before that) last summer.  When my birthday rolled around in November, my grandma gave it to my mom for my birthday present!  The fact that my grandpa died when I was four assigns even more importance to this little gem.  I also have the trunk he was given at Fort .  And the blanket that was always on his corduroy recliner...Out of 26 grandkids, I feel like my grandma gave me the most sought-after things...:)  Not that I'm proud of being materialistic, I need to work on that.  But it's nice to have the things that have memories and history attached.
1945 Manila P.I. (Philippine Islands)

Cameras are another area of weakness for me.  My latest indulgence was a Flip Video Camera (flip cam).  I saw them in the local newspaper ad at Target for $70 a few weeks ago.  Since then, I didn't check on prices, I just looked at the official website.  I got free shipping and with a coupon code, I bought the base model (in LEOPARD PRINT!) for $73.  Right after I ordered it I looked on and found that they're $50.  But mine is prettier than those plain ones, so it's justified.

I want a letter seal and wax set.  Only I want the letter seal to have both my and Adam's names on it.  I found one on this amazing photographer's blog I discovered and I neeeeeed my own.  This website has products closer to what I'm looking for...I think that because this is frustrating me so much, when I see the one I'm envisioning, I'll be buying it without considering a price.

July 2nd:
I got home from work tonight and noticed a ball of fur in the driveway.  I couldn't tell what it was.  I couldn't tell if it was alive or not.  Thank God for Remy.


  1. That ring is amazing!! And that trunk! What cool, interesting heirlooms to have. I have my Grandpa's Marine ring, but he didn't make it.

    I am going through a spending spree right now. I've decided to let it be one of those things where I shake my head at myself later, when it's too late to change and I've got all these pretty things to stroke and admire.

  2. Good plan! I've done that a time or two and it sucks in the long run, but it's soooo worth it.