Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July Photodump

My red, white & blue cupcakes were a little less white and a little more yellow.  

They tasted good, though!

Remy made lots of friends

I got more use out of my SpyderCo knife :)

The garden didn't do super, but I got some delicious peas, so I'm not disappointed.

< 3 

My grandma was getting rid of some stuff...

I'm so glad I'm the favorite :)

Finally wore my favorite Delia's dress.

Playing with LR long enough to figure it out was one of the most productive things I accomplished in July.

Oh, and I got a new (top 3 favorites) tattoo!


  1. That dress is so cute! Never stop wearing it!

    Where, oh where is the new tattoo placed? I can't tell in the picture. Is it somewhere naughty? Please say yes.

  2. lol not naughty :/ mark and i got matching ones (well, his has a blue bow tie) but it's on my shoulder blade :) pretty far out so that it will connect to my sleeve easily...;)