Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I got a lot of new things today :) I'm slowly becoming a bird lady minus the shopping cart and avoidance of showers.

My parents left for Oregon today.  My great uncle died this winter and his memorial is this week.  I'm sad I have to miss the memorial and the family time and the mountains. We took a family vacation there to visit in 2004 and I haven't been back since.  Here are some photos from that trip.  Don't mind my amateur photography skills, please. 

Aunt Darlene and Uncle Max smiling away...:)

My favorite part of the trip aside from the mountains

I can't waste coupons...I had to order this rubber address stamp because it was free.  Only $3.79 for shipping.  You can get them made for books, too.  Pretty fab!

Tina brought the boys over today.  Rhyan gave me these.  I'm in love with the wrappers.

Mustard seed!

Left Goodwill, Right Target.  THANK YOU.

Yesssss!  Hot applesauce, here I come!

Goodwill was really kind to me today.

I'm good on nail polish for awhile...

I hung this today :)  I prepared the homemade nectar, too!  The recipe I was given is below.  The one I used is the lazy version, where I microwaved the water and just added red food coloring instead of the Jell-o.  :-)  

I'm a hoarder.  I'll have the birds to myself.

See the wing and tail on the left?!  I was really close.  :)

Hah :)

She's so great :)

The boys were really excited to find these!

Kind of looks like an eye and pig snout inside the eye socket...

The rest of the deer is still out there.  All in place and everything.  The boys had sooo many questions.

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  1. The bird feeders look so cute on your porch (dammit I want my own porch!) and the jelly cups! Waaaa! I used to drink of a Flinstones one at my grandma's all the time. I like everything! Except that your great-uncle died. Sorry you couldn't go to the memorial. :(