Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A few of my favorite words:
1. Fuck
2. Snatch
3. Chinesisch (Chinese in German.  It's just fun to say.)

I know how dorky it is, but I don't care; I've watched Teen Mom 2 on MTV.COM until 2AM the past two nights.  I'm so obsessed with cheetah print now.  I need comforters and sheets and scarves and headbands.  

cheetah print-alejandra sky leopard print scarf

Sweet bumper sticker I saw yesterday:  Have a hard time putting a condom on?  Try it with paws.  Spay or neuter your pets.  

lol random and the mental images are priceless.


  1. I hate the word snatch. Blurgh. I prefer cunt. It's so nice and blunt. Cunt. Cunt. Cunt.

    And now I'm realizing you probably meant snatch as in "grab" and think I'm a huge pervert, but that's okay. I totally am.

  2. Haha Heather!

    I would like Belay that! to be my favorite words. I keep forgetting to use them though.

    And love that bumper sticker!