Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday, Monday

Yesterday was beauuuutiful before the rain!  I took some pictures around the yard to share...

The apple blossoms smell awesome :)

The garden is in!  Finally.  We planted dill, corn, radishes, green beans, peas, egg plant, pumpkin, watermelon, cantaloupe, red potatoes, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, lettuce, beets, kohlrabi, carrots, cucumbers and zucchini.  We ran out of room, so that's what the tiny circles are for two pictures down.  :-)

Remy The Explorer  (she's way better than Dora)

Come to me, little Orioles!

The weather was not-so-beautiful a few hours after I took these.  My brother and I took Remy for a walk and it started to get pretty dark when we got back to Mom's.  We headed straight to our (my and Adam's) house to grill burgers before it was too wet.  After eating, I couldn't stop thinking about re-arranging the living room, so we did.

I'm not completely satisfied and I'll probably move a few small things around until they look better, but for the most part, I'm happy.  Also, tacky as it may be, I want a "G" to put right about the TV.  Maybe a fancy one.  Maybe just plain black.  I shouldn't go to Hobby Lobby because I'm not really under budget, but I just need things...

Anyways, after moving all of the furniture around, I could actually see the windows (and frames), since the couch blocked the shutters before.  Man were they dirty.  They obviously hadn't been tended to since way before we moved in.  I started on those and Cody played with the hose/sprayed the screens.  :-D  I love teamwork!  Haha.

Today I'm supposed to be applying for jobs.  I'd rather do this.  I'm nervous and I feel stupid because of it so I'm not talking to anyone about it.  I'm not afraid to work, I don't mind working, honestly.  It'd be nice to stay home and play online all day of course, but even that would get old.  I hate talking on the phone.  I hate interviews.  I'm sure most people do, but most people aren't this stubborn.  I'd rather stay at the job that I've had for four years that makes me feel shitty on a daily basis than try for something new.  Maybe it's a fear of failure or rejection...I don't know.  All I know is that I'm barely getting stuff paid for right now and if I start somewhere new, I'll have to work up to what I can already do.  I guess I'm nervous about getting behind on bills because it's not like I'm going to get a high-paying job that I'd be able to count on for catching me back up.

I had power food (below:)) for breakfast, so maybe now I will try that job thing and if it fails, oh well.  

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  1. Ugh. I feel your pain. Job hunting sucks.

    I like the new living room layout! Also, that G above the TV would be cute! You can cut one out of cardboard for now, and then when you find a new job, you can get one from Hobby Lobby.