Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I need red hair. Yesterday, dammit.

I made eggs for breakfast this morning for the first time in years.  Besides the pan being way too small, things worked out well.  I even added parsley like my grandma does.  :-)

Heather, as soon as we see each other, can we do this to my hair?  I just wanna go to Sally's, get the stuff and do it already.  I can't afford to go to the salon and I don't care if my highlights turn pink.
curly dark red hair
This shade would be fuckin' fabulous.

  Everything hurts.  Adam must have been tired of me whining because he said he'd get me a Hoveround.  Hope he realizes where empty promises will get him.  :)

I got an A on my paper!  I'm really excited.  Only two more papers to write and I'm freeeeee!  I just have to find out what the assignment is and get the papers written by Friday, since I missed the class when he handed out the information.  FML.

So today was basically a roller coaster of moods.  I was happy after school since I'm passing the class and not just by a thread.  I picked Remy up and we went to do errands.  She loves the bank because they give her treats, so when I can help it, I take her if I go.  I did today and there was a new girl who had a bad attitude.  Fine, be rude to me, but the next time my puppy sits patiently, expecting some fuckin' recognition, it had better be in your little pneumatic tube.

I'm still in search of leopard print things.  I need these shoes, but they're second to that amazing scarf.

I edited some photos today instead of writing that paper with no direction...


Her ears are so funny!  They remind me of Dobby the house elf...

I want a little sister for Remy.  A tiny one so I can paint it's little nails pink or purple or sparkly and push it in a stroller while I run with Remy.  She was so awesome with my cousin's dogs the other night; the pug LOOOOVED her.  :-)


  1. That hair picture is not showing up for me, but it does not matter. I will help you dye your hair any color in the world! And if your highlights turn pink, well, ALL THE BETTER, I say.

    All those pictures are beautiful! I especially like the barn picture and the one beneath it with the twisted piece of wood.

  2. Of course, after Blogger's little freak out, my comment is gone. Let me summarize, in case you didn't get to read it before:

    1. YES. Red hair = awesome. That picture's not working for me, but I'm hoping your plans went along the lines of Candy Apple Red. That would be fabulous.

    2. Beautiful, beautiful pictures.

    3. I don't think there was a third point.