Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Girly Girl

I want to wear dresses much more often.  Recently, I have been.  It's much easier to do when your job doesn't have a dress code.  I wore almost all of my dresses in the first two weeks here.  I went to the mall with my cousin Friday and got three more dresses and two skirts.  And a bunch of other stuff, the best thing being a cheetah print scarf finally!  Not only is it the perfect shades, but it was also The Limited's last infinity scarf and I got it for $7.50.  Score!  I go there like once per year because most of the time I don't find stuff I like.  I went crazy Friday, though, since their big sale was going on.

Forever 21 had adorable stuff as usual.  If I spend enough time in there, I can always leave with dresses I love.  I still think we need a Charlotte Russe in the area.  I love that store.  Plus, I need more flats.

I need this:

and these:

and this dress!
Forever 21
and this:
Scratch off map

I've finally ordered a tripod.  It's a little ridiculous that it took me this long.  :-D  I can't wait to get it!


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