Sunday, June 26, 2011

Long Overdue...

Once upon a time, I remember saying I'd update this everyday.  I'm a liar, it turns out.

I have so many pictures and things to post I don't know where to begin.  Okay, maybe I do.  A few weeks ago, Heather came and brought me a present.  I was so surprised and delighted not only by the gesture, but by the actual present!  When we were thrifting a few weeks before this, I found these AWESOME mugs.  And I fell in love pretty much instantly.  I said so and she ended up grabbing them.  I let myself forget about them (or so I thought) once they had a good home with her.  As soon as I opened the box I recognized them.  They were for me the whole time!  I have the best friend in the world.

I love recipes and I wish I had more time to make and test these out.  I found this recipe for Cherry Apple Whiskey Sour Popsicles on Melissa's Bubby&Bean blog.

I've been wanting nail strips since both Kaelah and Kaylah blogged about them.  I finally broke down and bought some Sally Hansen Salon Effects.  Not that I really had to break down; every store in my area that carried them had run out by the time I checked around.  As soon as I realized they were back in stock, I snatched up these houndstooth ones.  They were waaaay easier to apply than I thought they'd be.  We'll see how long they last while I torture them with weeding the garden and washing dishes, though.  If they hold up, I'm going back for more and more (Misbehaved, Laced Up, Cut It Out, and Skinny Jeans).  I wanted to get a fuckton of them right away, but for $8 per box, I had to be sure they were worth it first.

As long as I'm rambling on about nails, I found this awesome tutorial for leopard print nails on YouTube.  I could do without the crappy music but it is helpful.  I didn't have the preferred shade of polish for the spots either, but instead of using eyeshadow (which I will eventually try) I just used a light orange color.  I think they turned out pretty good for spending 20 minutes on them.

I've also discovered a favorite incense - it's WILD BERRY brand and it's called Polo Crest.  I wish that something magical would be developed so that you could scratch and sniff your screen.  This stuff smells soooo good, exactly like Adam's Alpine Xtreme body wash.  I want to fill our house with it.

Speaking of long overdue, I took some wedding photos for a friend on the 3rd of this month.  I was editing like crazy for the first few days after shooting over 300 photographs.  Then I figured out that I had to go back and re-edit everything I'd already done because the file sizes weren't adjusted correctly.  FML.  So lately, I've slowed down and kind of been putting it off by rationalizing that most photography businesses don't return photos (especially for weddings) until about a month after shooting them.  It's been hanging over my head way too long and I'm starting to feel guilty so hopefully I can get this done before, like, tomorrow.

Little Remy has been full of energy lately.  I feel bad working so much because she's laying around so much.  I give her tons of stuff to do, but she still gets bored.  Hopefully in a few months (or a couple of years would still be fine) I can work less often.  Here she is, though, still adorable as ever!

Reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean

Finally, lead by Bubby&Bean, I found this video about being alone.  It's definitely given me things to think about.

Oh, and today I finished (finally!) Driving Sideways.  I really enjoyed it since the writing style isn't something I'm used to.  Here's the author's blog.  She lives in the same city I do!


  1. Glad you like em! :D

    I didn't know that author was from Wisco!! Now I HAVE to read her book!


  2. Your nails look awesome! The black and white is so cool.

    xo katie elizabeth