Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Talk about motivation...

All of the energy I seemed to have wasted on trying to avoid chores around here found me today.  I got all of the fence posts in for the garden and my parents came and helped me put the fence around it.  I dropped off my job application and went to my old place of employment to return their garbage uniform.  I paid on a fine and got the rent check in the right place...I found a cool blue caterpillar while weeding the area between the house and sidewalk in the backyard and also along the garage.  (I've never seen so many roots in my life!)  I helped mow the lawn (I got a push mower as compared to my step-dad who rode around on his mower with his iTouch, singing along to something that I hoped sounded better than he did) at my mom's.  My mom gave me hastas, just the normal kind for now, but I'm going back for the variegated ones at a later date.  She also gave me some other things that are supposed to grow into pretty big bushy things in like a week.  Yes!  Oh, and I got sunburn.  :-)  After Remy and I came in from planting around 8:30pm, I cleaned the oven.  What the hell, right?  Motivation!  She passed out on the kitchen floor while I scrubbed...Well, she actually lost consciousness about 30 seconds after hitting the rug.  :-)


I should've taken before photos...You have no idea how much better this looks.

About 10 seconds after hitting the floor...
Her eyes are almost cloooosed...

She's out.  :-)  What a precious little thing.


  1. The yard work looks really nice!Sweet Remy. : )

  2. Can I have some of your motivation? So much stuff to do, absolutely zero interest in doing it...

    And Remy's adorable, as usual.