Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The One Day We Get Permission To Love

When I was three years old, my grandpa died.  On Valentine's Day.  So maybe it seems a bit crazy for me to be infatuated with everything pink and red (even though my mom's been telling me forever that they clash) and sugary.  I love hearts and glitter and I love love.  So although I think about my grandpa even more than usual on this day, (yeah, I was three, but I spent a LOT of time with him, so I remember quite a bit.  Kind of unbelievable, especially because of my awful memory now) I like to surround myself with paper crafts and pretties and candy.  It's no longer a time for sadness, even at the cemetery.

Valentines Day
Doing this!
valentines day
valentines day gift?
Someday I'll have these.
These are usually a pretty big part of my V Day.  But I really am partial to the larger ones.
I miss making these!
Love it!  This is kind of like this tutorial (which I found via Apple Blue via The Dainty Squid, of course) <3  
I'd love to start this project.
Valentines Day Flowers
These are the only kind of flowers I want this year.

I feel like this would be a good investment.  Yeah it's ridiculous and no it won't stop me.

Of course I had to see what Tori had to say about the fashion aspect...I think I'll opt for some red leggings and a pink dress.  Or perhaps the opposite.  Either way, I'll be spending some money on a lovely new outfit.

Speaking of love...

image of Hearts and Crafts Dress
Love it!  Add red tights...
Necessary.  Obviously.
Deer Mirror Stag Head Wall Mirror
This Etsy shop is AMAZING. 

Ha! :-D

I'm not too old for Build-A-Bear.  Just sayin'.
And this one's for Grandpa George <3  
I loooooove red velvet cake!  I found the best cupcakes at Walgreens.

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