Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Outfits of 2012 - Week 5

I'm most excited about my new Roxy boots.  While at work one Sunday morning, I saw a girl walk in with these and fell in love instantly (with the boots, not the girl).  She indicated that she got them at Famous Footwear so I headed straight there after work.  I found them (!) and on clearance to boot (no pun intended)!  I included a side shot mostly to prove that they're not slippers, like my brother's been saying since I bought them.  They have a legit sole and while I had to spray weather-proofing on them, they've held up impressively well to all the slushy snow business we've got.

Boots- Famous Footwear
Coat- Delia's
Jeans- Charlotte Russe
Thermal top- Target
Necklace- thrifted

Oh, and I just need to add that I really dislike gold.  Like to the max.  But something's gotten into me lately and as long as it's not jewelry, I'm not hating it quite as much.  This needed to be documented for reference later, when I'm so far gone that my steps will need to be re-traced.

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  1. You just slap your brother right in the eye and tell him that slippers don't have hard soles! Those boots are cuuuuute!