Thursday, April 28, 2011

Missing, Music, Maybe

So besides losing over a grand to someone else's gambling habit, things have been good the past few days. Colors are making me happier than usual, probably due to the looming gloom outside.  

I need a few songs, but I'll just save the list until I get money for iTunes.
*The Gambler - Kenny Rogers   (haha, just noticed how gambling became a theme before I knew it)
*Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper
There are more but I'm having a hard time remembering things today.

Adam got an Emily Dickinson book from the library in order to forge love notes :)  He's sweet.  But it reminded me of my faaaavorite piece of hers.  1078.  Best thing ever when you're grieving and looking for something simple and one person in the world who might understand you.  It's really still amazing to me how a few words in the right order can change your mood or an entire day.

Mother's Day is coming.  I don't know why that puts a weird look on my face, but it puts dreamy "MOM" tattoos on Remy, too.  :)

I think today I may have made progress in the way of choosing a career (finally).  I'm entertaining the idea of being a librarian.  The whole old lady stereotype just might let me have my cats back.  :)  But seriously, English is do-able and I just really enjoy being surrounded by books and knowledge and I kind of enjoy telling people to shut up, too.  <3  


  1. "and I kind of enjoy telling people to shut up. too."


  2. If I had a list of cool occupations, librarian would be right up there.