Thursday, January 12, 2012

Outfits of 2012 - Week 2

I'm normally apprehensive about trying new things when it comes to clothing.  Mixing patterns is a pretty scary thing for me.  I actually love how this sweater and skirt came together, but I was worried about going into public in it (not so worried that I didn't go...I needed craft supplies straightaway, no time to change clothes).  I got a few weird looks from some high school girls at Staples, but it could've been my bright green coat or the fact that it's longer than my skirt so I looked like I was wearing only tights.  Whatevs.

Skort - Express (on clearance! :))
Mustard seed necklace - Thrifted by a friend
Tights - Kohl's or Target...I forgot already
Shoes -Mia from Rogan's

Oh and look what my brother's girlfriend got me from gordmans yesterday!  :-D


  1. I love it! It is something to go out of your comfort zone with clothes at home and then going out in public takes it to a new level. Kudos!

    Are your shoes on the floor or the wall? Either way that is what my bedroom walls look like. : )

  2. Kayla, that outfit is SOOOOO cute. I like everything about it, but I especially like those ribbed tights!

  3. Totally, I'm glad you agree. The shoes are on the steps. :) i thought it made a cool background; cool walls for sure!

    Thanks :) I'm in love with the tights, too. I wish I could remember where they came from. The only tag in them has a letter for the size. Grr.