Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thoughts on books I've read recently #1

Sunday night I finished Water for Elephants.  I loved it.  I've been thinking a lot about it for the past two days and I didn't plan on blogging about it until I couldn't get it out of my mind.  First of all, the young female author continually impressed me with her insight into the thoughts of an aged man.  I literally felt like (and I think any good book makes this happen) I knew the character, like he was a real person, by the end of the story. 
Second, while the book did seem to start off slowly action-wise, the details and background were both necessary and interesting.  I am excited to watch the movie now, but I'll be very disappointed if it strays far from the book.  I always get pissed when I read books and the movies blow (Twilight, anyone?) but I love the details and characters (perhaps it has something to do with the animals, too) in this book much more than any story I've read in quite awhile.
Anyways, I obviously recommend this to anyone and everyone over the age of...like 13.  A few things took me by surprise and if I had kids, I suppose I wouldn't want them reading about those scenarios.

I'm getting really excited for the rest of the week.  Wednesday after work I'm going to my sister's new apartment to help her hang pictures.   Friday night my aunt is going to teach me to crochet!  I'm so pumped for making granny square everything.  I hope I'll catch on quickly so that I can become a pro and learn a few other variations, too.  Wooo!  Hopefully somewhere in there I'll have time for a pedicure because my husband told me I don't love him if I don't let him buy me one.  Well, okay, twist my arm.  <3 


  1. I want to read Water for Elephants, but every time I pick it up to read, I get distracted by something else. Maybe since you liked it so much it will motivate me to finally read it!

  2. i hope so! it did take me quite awhile to read since making myself sit long enough to read instead of watch mtv is what will ruin me. but i loved it once i took the time out. :) :)