Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thoughts on books I've read recently #2

Holy hell, Hunger Games, you rocked my world.  If I'd allowed myself the time, I would have read it in one sitting.  It's such a quick, interesting read; a real page-turner, if you will.  I'm so intrigued by the entire story in this book and I just cannot wait to get the second one.  I'm borrowing this book to my stepdad, so once he reads it and just buys the second book, I'll snatch that one for awhile.  :)

It reminded me, just at first, of Unwind.  It got way better and I enjoyed it much more, but the whole setting and heartlessness of everything just reminded me.  I used to hate futuristic stuff like this, but when it's so vivid and realistic and you have likable characters to hold on to throughout, it's brilliant.

I love the way the characters develop in this book.  I love love LOVE the "thing" going on with the two main characters, although parts of it are purely for survival.  I couldn't get enough the two of them bunked down in the cave...sigh.  So basically, totally in love with the first book.  Yay!  Thanks, Heather!  :-D


  1. YAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!! Glad you liked it!! If you want to read book #2 sooner, I can loan it to you next time I see you.

  2. Let's do that! :) And you can have a paper copy of Water for Elephants if you'd like it. I know you have it on your e-reader, but I have two.

  3. Warning, spoilers for Unwind and Hunger Games.

    Hunger Games had so much crazy shit(don't know how else to say it) going on throughout the meat(middle) of the book to the end that I was really caught up in it so much sooner. Unwind didn't have those OMG moments till the guy with the Shark tatoo was unwound. How the book was written made that that much more unbelievably horrible so I appreciated it BUT it didn't get into it till the last bit of the book. I'm the kind of reader that likes a book to suck me in sooner rather than later.

    yeah. that's my 2 cents.