Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fate, Faith, Favorites

She's beginning to look more like a purebred!  Yay!  The vet said we could pay $80 for a DNA test that would tell us for sure what breed(s) she is, but I don't think it's necessary.  We wouldn't love her any less, plus we're already sure it was fate that brought her to us.  And any extra dollars I have are being put in the tattoo fund because I'm going crazy.

Work was really slow tonight, so no chance of ink soon.  Also, I'm sick of reading about psychoanalysis for English.  37 pages is way more in-depth than I ever wanted to go.

Love believes best.  For sure.  I already do, but I still have to work on the Depreciation Room.  Just a little, though.  And it took me all of 5 minutes to make a huge list of things Adam does that I appreciate.  Easy Peasy.  :)

Oh, and I like these:

Tote Bag, Hello Kitty X Nerd Inspired, Eco-friendly, Organic Cotton Duck Canvas, Medium
from indenyldesigns
Hello Kitty Plush Pillow with Pink Bow
from getyourgameon

Vintage Pair of Ceramic Enesco Squirrel Mugs Japan
I really want these!
squirrel mug
Ahhh!  Adorable!  I'm beginning to love everything from laurawallstaylor's shop

goldilocks bowl set large

Anyways...I've got to work on tomorrow's Love Dare reading.  I'm worried about doing it because I hope that's not why I'm having such crazy dreams.  There are all of these weird, violent things going on around me and I'm all nonchalant about them in the dreams.


  1. She looks really purebred to me! Plus, I've heard those tests are really unreliable. Yay tattoo fund! I made a list of all the tattoos I want yesterday. It's pretty long.

  2. Haha, mine too! Although if I make a list, maybe the universe will recognize it and they'll get checked off faster. Thanks, Oprah.