Sunday, April 17, 2011

Unconditional, Ultimate, Urbane

Today we read about loving unconditionally.  It's pretty crazy how you can go from thinking you understand a word and all of the ideas attached to it, to the sun fuckin' rising in the South because you read a totally profound idea/definition.

This blog should've been called something like "Stuff I'll Want Forever."'s okay, though, I have lots of wants.

Dainty Squid posted about her cat's birthday today.  The story reminded me of my own (of course) and now more than ever, I want my precious kitties back.  They were my baaaabies.  I feel so sad when I think about them because I miss them so much.  I know Remy would get along with them (there were cats at the house I got her from and she loved them!) and that'd be my biggest fear.  The only thing reason I had to give them to my cousin was because Adam is allergic.  I know it's selfish to want him to take medicine everyday just to be able to be in our home, but I just want them...If I whine enough, I know I'll get them.  The thing is, I don't want to jeopardize his health.  What to do...

Charlie and Millie

I want wellies.  It's really important to have them now that it's so rainy and the ground here doesn't absorb it very well.  Plus, the basement's pretty wet every time it rains.  Any of these (on will do:

Detail Image

Dirty Laundry
I'm running out of deodorant (like you care) and that's something I'm totally prissy about.  The aluminum ingredient in most deodorants is the real reason I'm like this, but the budget is what found me this awesome deal!  I was looking for coupons for Tom's of Maine, which was basically a waste of time.  I ran across and they have this coupon code: FTC5DO for $5 off your first purchase.  Fabulous!  My deodorant was $3.90 and I figured they'd make you meet a minimum purchase price, but they don't.  I'm trying my hardest to be a bargain shopper, so I found toothpaste for $1.55 of the same brand.  My order total was $.45 with the coupon code!  Yesss.  $2.82 in shipping and I got two things, paying online shipping no less, for $3.27.  Can't do that at Walmart.  :-)  Yeah, I'm a little self-righteous about this.  

S A L E Two Old Bottles
I neeeeed these for the centerpiece I have in mind but haven't gotten any of the parts to yet.  It will be countryside classy.  :-)

Remy only drinks water from the Brita filter because I'm afraid of what might be in our water since it hasn't been tested yet.  I'm turning her into a total snob.  Her attitude toward other dogs (according to Adam), "I drink only filtered water, I won't associate with anyone who drinks that tap water swill."  


  1. You could at least have your kitties until Adam comes home. And then decide if you're going to keep them after that.

    Oh, poor, poor Remy. She must really love you.

  2. Hello Squirrel,

    I COMPLETLEY understand your need for those Wellies. You have me in love with the Hunters.

    I envy your coupon hunting skills. (I think my sister inherited all those genes in our family)

    That is a great picture of your pup and really appreciate the caption and the 'secret' on the blanket.

    Your writing is very enjoyable and easy to read.

    Random commenter is done....for now. ^^>