Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today was a (glorious) lazy day.

I missed posting yesterday, but we read about cherishing each other.  Check.  I also made some cheesy broccoli soup, but it was the lazy bag kind.

Oh yeah, and Remy looked adorable as always.

Today we read about giving in.  I feel like sometimes I could use some work in that area, but since we're still in the honeymoon stage and I'll do anything at all to keep my husband happy, we'll worry about that later.  :)

Made guacamole bruschetta today!  Yum!  :D  Here's the recipe.

Skulls and Stars Pillowcase Set in Pink
I'd also love the matching duvet cover and sheets.

Skull and Star Pirate Sheet Set - Full Size


I've got high hopes that my legs will be tan this summer.  If it works out the way I hope, all of these will look amazing against my gorgeous new skin...

Boat shoes


Summer is coming, despite how it looks outside...
I got my first pair last spring and I love them.  Now these are calling my name.
I need these
Gardening shoes???

On the subject of gardening, I need to find out if the wagon my brother and I had when we were little is still around somewhere.  I'll look pretty eccentric outside in purple shoes and a huge hat, pulling a wagon around the yard, but at least the vegetables will make it to the house without bruises!

Oh, and I want this, too.
And this:
Pixi - Nail Polish
Pixi - Nail Polish

Ah! This color!

I need a new hobby...but all of these just keep tugging at my heart.
POPbeauty - Nail Glam

I'd love to start hiking or something...I would require these to do that, though.  So as soon as I get them, I'll start.
Vibram Five Fingers Women's TrekSport

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  1. I really love those boat shoes! And those olive slip-ons from Roxy. Oh, shoes.