Monday, April 11, 2011

Thoughtfulness, Threads and Thrifting

Fruitful discussion began right away this morning.  :-)  Adam and I are reading The Love Dare together.  We're on day four, which features thoughtfulness.  We talked a lot about that today.  It's nice to have each aspect (love is patient, kind, not selfish, et cetera) described in detail.  Especially with modern day examples of thoughts and such.  Plus, it's already helping.  I've been reminded of/discovered things I don't particularly like about my attitude sometimes.  

Remy didn't feel well when we woke up this morning.  She threw up a couple of times and there was icky evidence of a bellyache, too.  She spent much of the morning curled up in our bed.

While she was snoozing, I played around with the appearance of the blog.  And emailed my professor to say that I wasn't coming to class today, because Remy needed to go to the vet.  
After a few hours, she felt fine, so we played dress up.  It went much better than last time.  And I think she may have even enjoyed it, because she still wanted me to play with her afterward.

The middle one is my favorite...I just keep laughing.

I went to the thrift store today, looking for a sewing machine.  They didn't have any.  That's okay, because I'm not looking for a plastic hunk of junk.  I have a very particular idea of what I want (metal, old, trusty, ready to be stickered).  Also, what I don't want: a machine that's attached to a table.  Anyways, I found this for $.50 and I left excited.

And I also got Hardee's, which I don't really enjoy normally, but today it sounded good.  I can't get enough of those curly fries!

I stopped to get the white cake mix I need for tomorrow on the way home.  Yay!  I'm so excited to make rainbow cupcakes and share pictures of the new Kitchen Aid mixer.  :-)


  1. OH MY GOD. The middle picture of Remy! HAHAHAHAHA. I laughed so hard, for real, and then I showed my mom and she laughed. And then I showed my dad and he rolled his eyes at us, but eeeeee. I have to do this to Scout now.

  2. ohahhahaha! Poor Remy, can tell she is loved. And I love your door and walls and floor.